Labour, income and participation

In this theme we focus on developments regarding employment, income and participation for the elderly. The developments within this theme and associated issues are important for the ageing Dutch society. A big part of the current generation of 60+ is still employed or involved in voluntary activities; not only motivated by financial benefits but also because they want to provide a meaningful contribution to society. The retirement age, for both employees and self-employed persons, is still rising. This has consequences for people, business and society. Relevant questions in this context are:
•    What are the barriers in this process attributing to society?
•    Who can facilitate this process, and how?
•    What are the success factors and barriers?

Awareness, information and communication

The objective concerning the theme awareness, information and communication falls within the mission and objective of ILC-Netherlands. More particular:
•    Promote the societal and individual awareness of the ageing of society and its impact on collective and individual level.
•    Encourage individuals, organizations and political bodies to debate on ageing issues and to put related issues on the political agenda.
•    Provide information about ageing themes.
•    Promote civil debate by organizing conferences and publicize.

Housing, care and welfare

The mission of the theme housing, care and welfare is to stimulate healthy and active ageing (longevity). Many elderly people want, even when they are vulnerable, be responsible for and make their own decisions on their (quality of) life. Initiatives have arisen in which the elderly (jointly) organise housing, care and welfare themselves, to meet their needs. ILC-NL involved in the development of such initiatives and encourages a more prominent place of self-organizations on the social agenda and in the debate on future elderly care.